Theatrical Costume Cleaning

As the premier cleaners for local theaters in the Salt Lake area, Village Cleaners has been cleaning and caring for their theatrical costumes for years. Theatrical costumes are delicate and intricate and often are made up of unique fabrics, beads, feathers, fur and other materials that require professional and careful handling. Many times, these exquisite costumes must be hand-cleaned. Our professional and experienced staff has earned the trust of the local theater community to be a reliable partner when it comes to the cleaning of their theatrical costumes.

Sensene, our environmentally friendly green-cleaning technology, is gentle on the most elegant of fabrics, preserves bright and vibrant colors, results in a comfortable supple feel and does not leave any residual dry clean smell. Occasionally, costumes require wet cleaning which we have the ability to do as well.

We offer our local theaters same day service, easy monthly billing and free pick up and delivery to ensure their costumes are always clean and ready to go when it’s show time.




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