Utah Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs can be one of the most expensive furnishings in your home and are often irreplaceable. With our professional area rug cleaning service, your favorite area rug can be thoroughly and safely cleaned, prolonging its longevity and ensuring it always looks great.

How are area rugs cleaned?

We begin our area rug cleaning service with a careful inspection. We look for areas that might need special attention or odor removal and also test for color fastness and apply dye stabilizers, if necessary, to ensure the dyes will not bleed. Next is a process called ‘rug dusting’ which removes dry soil, allergens, dust mites and grit. The amount of soil removed from this step alone is remarkable. Following the rug dusting, the rug is placed into a wash pit which allows us to fully submerge your rug, ensuring a more effective and thorough cleaning. We are not simply using a carpet cleaner. In the wash pit a special shampoo is applied that contains a PH neutralizer to protect the rug fibers while increasing cleaning effectiveness. The rug is then rinsed until the water is clear. Stain, soil and rug protectants are applied as the final step before the rug is dried on our state of the art drying rack, which allows us to hang even the largest of area rugs in a humidity and temperature controlled room.

As with all of our services, we offer FREE pick up and delivery for area rugs, making it as simple and convenient as possible for our customers.




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