April 26, 2019

Sure, you visit your dry cleaner whenever that specialty item needs cleaning, but did you know dry cleaners do more than just dry cleaning? Sounds surprising, doesn’t it? Here are a few household items your Salt Lake Valley dry cleaner, Village Cleaner can clean for you.


Area Rug Cleaning

Whether you are cleaning house for Spring cleaning or need a stain removed from your favorite area rug, Village Cleaners can help. Our professional area rug cleaning service in the Salt Lake Valley can make your favorite carpet look like brand-new. Not only can a professional rug cleaning make it look better, but it can also prolong the longevity of your rug.

Here is how our area rug cleaning service works.

Before beginning your area rug cleaning, we carefully inspect the carpet. Doing this ensures we give special attention to areas that might need extra treatment. We also make sure to test the rug for colorfastness so that none of the dye bleeds.

We then get into a process called “rug dusting” which removes dry soil, allergens, dust mites, and grit. After removing all of these particles, we submerge your rug into a wash pit that contains a special shampoo that protects the rug fibers and thoroughly cleans the carpet.

Afterward, we apply stain, soil, and rug protectants and dry the run on a specialized drying rack.


Bedding Services

Your residential washing machine can pretty much handle your household bedding but, every once in a while, your bedding needs a more thorough cleaning. Large bedspreads, duvet covers, down comforters, and blankets often need a powerful wash for proper cleaning. Many manufacturers even suggest that your bedding products are dry cleaned rather than washed because of their fabric.

Along with a deeper clean, a professional bedding service also handles your products with care — no more of those pesky clumps of fabric or lint lining your bedding. Just work with your professional dry cleaning service Village Cleaners, and we will make sure your oversized, or fine linen looks and feels like new.


Pillow Washing

Whenever you are giving your house the good cleaning once over, you should take a look at your pillows. How long has it been since you cleaned your pillow? Many homeowners don’t realize that pillows should be washed every six months. That doesn’t mean merely throwing your pillow cover or pillowcase in your residential washing machine. It involves cleaning the entire pillow from all dirt, dust, grime, and more.

Village Cleaners in Salt Lake cleans decorative pillows, bed pillows, outdoor pillows, and more. Our professional dry cleaners use different cleaning processes depending on the material and fill of your pillows. We also make sure that every pillow is given a new pillow ticking after they are cleaned to ensure extra comfort.


Other Household Items

Along with our area rug cleaning service, we also clean items such as sofa covers, sleeping bags, tablecloths, and more. If your area rug or household items need a thorough cleaning, contact Village Cleaners to learn more about our services in your area.



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