August 3, 2017

At Village Cleaners, our mission has always been to “provide unequaled quality and service.” Our idea of quality extends beyond the basics of cleaning clothes, but rather to a blanket of features that allow us to provide exceptional service to our customers. Below are some signs that you are using a quality dry cleaner.

They Offer A High Level Of Convenience- If you are like most people, then convenience is one of the main reasons to chose a dry cleaner. A quality dry cleaner will make it easy and convenient for you to drop off your dirty clothing. Does your dry cleaner offer drive-through service? Better yet, does your dry cleaner offer free pick up and delivery service?

Being Rewarded For Loyalty- A quality dry cleaner will offer its customers various rewards as a thank you for using its services on a consistent basis.

Using Technology To Help Customers- A quality dry cleaner will use the latest and most current technology. Technology has allowed dry cleaners the ability to perform daily duties more accurately and more efficiently. Have you seen the little barcodes that are placed discretely throughout your clothes? These barcodes allow dry cleaners the ability to track your item through its cleaning process, view any special cleaning requests, and allow for accurate inventory control as they store unique garment details such as colors-patterns-and even brand names. Other technological advancements to look for in a quality dry cleaner are the use of chip technology for credit card safety, an easy to use website or mobile app for FREE pick up and delivery, and text notifications when your orders are complete.

Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Methods- What type of solvent does your dry cleaner use? If they are using Solvon K4 or Green Earth Cleaning your dry cleaner is doing its part to reduce environmental impact and increase sustainability. Did you know, 85% of dry cleaners have not switched to these alternative solvents? Make sure you know how your clothes are being cleaned, as a quality dry cleaners will be using environmentally friendly green cleaning techniques.




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