July 3, 2017

The wedding is over and now you have the most expensive article of clothing that you have ever purchased sitting there. What do you do with it? How do you store it? It is recommended that you have your wedding gown cleaned and preserved by a professional dry cleaner to not only preserve the gown, but to preserve your memories that will last a life time. Preservation refers to special cleaning techniques that ensure your wedding gown retains its beauty. The beauty of the gown’s color, fabric, and shape can be preserved for years allowing you the opportunity to pass the gown down to the next beautiful bride in your family.

Cleaning, is the most important step of gown preservation process and it is recommended to have this service performed quickly as stains begin to set with the more time that passes. Also, don’t trust just anybody to preserve your wedding gown, trust a professional wedding gown specialist. At Village Cleaners, we recognize that gown’s differ in fabric content, sequin design, trim, and type of stains requiring removal. Village Cleaners is a Certified Professional Dry Cleaner and has been preserving wedding gowns for the past 61 years using methods that are approved by the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute. We do not use a “one-size fits all approach” to preserving your gown. We understand the heavily beaded silk ball room gown requires a different preservation technique than the simpler polyester gown worn on the beach. That is why we have Green Earth and Solvon K4- two dry cleaning options, wet cleaning, and even hand cleaning preservation techniques. Village Cleaners’ preservation process will remove just about any stain, including the hidden or invisible stains such as sugars from champagne, cake, or any other stain that will oxidize and begin to yellow your gown over time.

Packaging and storage, the last steps in the gown preservation process and crucial ones at that. Preservation includes protecting your gown from future damage including light, dust, and insects. A safe option to store your gown is to use an archival box. Know that if an archival box is used, that it should be large enough to minimize the number of folds required to place the gown inside. At Village Cleaners, our wedding gown preservation service includes a large archival box that is museum quality and features acid-free material allowing the gown to be stored in a pH neutral environment. It is recommended to store your archival box in a climate controlled environment. If possible, keep the gown away from light and in nonfluctuating temperature and humidity controlled room. The preservation box set that Village Cleaners provides, features the main gown box with a window for viewing and an outer shell for protection from light. If you do wish to show your gown and share your memories, it is recommended that you wash your hands at a minimum prior to handling, or, where cotton gloves to handle your beautiful wedding gown.




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