February 2, 2018

6 Things Your Dry Cleaner Wants You to Know

Hidden behind plastic garment bags, dry cleaning businesses work hard for stain-free garments and fresh-smelling clothes. Dry-cleaning is a mysterious business that some call unnecessary. But dry cleaners want you to know that dry cleaning isn’t fake news you should blow off. Below are six more things dry cleaners wish you knew.

1. Properly cleaning your garments actually extends their life.

Contrary to popular belief, frequently cleaning doesn’t damage clothes but extends their life. Ask your sister how often she’s cleaned her favorite pair of jeans and the answer might surprise you. While many believe that washing clothes dulls them, removing stains and ground-in soils, breathes life into the fabric and extends their wearability.

2. “Dry Clean Only” doesn’t mean “Dry Clean Only”

Although it’s possible to wash the clothes, it’s still risky. At home dry-cleaning kits and hand washing is still possible but you risk your garments shrinking and the dye bleeding. From fashions and fabrics to stain removal and top-of-the-line cleaning technologies, dry cleaners have the expertise to clean your clothes right. Why do it yourself or settle for a second-rate job when you could trust an expert?

3. Cleaning your clothes properly safeguards them from damage

Clean clothes are the first line of defense people should take in preventing moth and other insect damage. Insects can damage clothes either directly, by feeding on the fabric, or indirectly, by feeding on spilled food on the fabric. Some cleaners even provide mothproofing as a service for further safeguard against insect damage.

4. Restoring old clothes is possible with the right dry cleaner

While most think dry cleaners preserve clothes they also specialize in the restoration of old wedding gowns, heirloom items, and antique textiles. Dry cleaners have the expertise to clean these items depending on the level of condition they are in. It is not uncommon, though, for a cleaner to restore an old wedding gown worn years ago well enough that a bride can wear it at her own wedding.

5. Dry cleaning isn’t actually “dry”

Probably the biggest misconception about dry cleaning is that liquids don’t actually play a part in the process. Dry cleaning doesn’t mean any liquid; it means no water. Though dry cleaners do often use water for water-based stains like tomato soup and coffee, the most common practice is to drop clothes into a bath of colorless solvent that has the power to dissolve the stains that water can’t, like gravy and tar.

6. Clothes aren’t the only thing they clean

Dry cleaning professionals aren’t just clothes care specialists, they also specialize in upholstery, household textiles, theater costumes, shoes and other fabric accessories. Equipped with the latest high-quality cleaning technology dry cleaners have the ability to treat all types and quality of fabric. Utah establishment Village Cleaners has the ability to clean, restore, alter, and launder all of these things and more.


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