We all understand that laundry takes time. Whether you are a single bachelor, busy family, or AirBNB and VRBO renter who needs more time, Village Cleaners has a laundry solution for you. Bring us your wash-dry-fold items and we will launder them just like you do, or better yet, let us pick up and deliver to you for FREE. This convenient laundry service is for your everyday machine washable items that do not require pressing, such as: towels, sheets, socks, t-shirts, workout apparel, undergarments, etc. Our careful staff will separate your lights and darks, and will wash your items per care label instructions. Your items will then be gently dried on low and removed promptly for folding – all while you have enjoyed your newly found time.


Information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, state that men and women spend a combined 22 minutes each day, or 2.5 hours each week doing laundry. The average family will run approximately 8 loads of laundry per week, totaling 416 loads of laundry each year! What about the cost? The traditional washing machine uses around 40 gallons of water for each cycle, and it is estimated that it costs $420 annually for a family just to heat the water, and an additional $140/year on detergent alone.  Village Cleaners understands that laundry is a time consuming chore and is proud to offer wash & fold laundry service to those interested in saving their precious time.


Whether you visit our 6 retail locations or take advantage of FREE pick up & delivery, Village Cleaners has an convenient laundry option for you. Add a subscription laundry plan to your Village Cleaners account by simply calling us, or by emailing us and we will be delighted to save you hours of time each week. After signing up, schedule a pick up with our mobile app and simply place your red laundry bag on the front porch and we will take care of the rest. Every 30 days from your signup anniversary, Village Cleaners will simply charge your account for your subscribed price. If you have experienced overage during your 30 day subscription, we will simply charge for additional lbs. at your subscribed rate.

Our Pricing Options

Non-Subscription Price
$2.39 /lb.
10 lb. minimum charge
FREE pick up & delivery
Subscription Price-Plan A
$1.44 /lb.
40% savings
No lb. minimum
FREE pick up & delivery
4 Bags/Month
72 total lbs./Month (4 bags x 18 lbs.)
Subscription Price-Plan B
$1.19 /lb.
50% savings
No lb. minimum
FREE pick up & delivery
8 Bags/Month
144 total lbs./Month (8 bags x 18 lbs.)


Please contact us with questions about our wash & fold service.


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