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“streetAddress”: “7241 W 3500 S”
“telephone” : “(801) 364-4152”,
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“image”: “×944.jpg”


7241 W 3500 S, Magna, UT 84044

TEL: 801-272-5666 ext. 2

Everyday 7 A.M. - 10 P.M.


  • Open 365 Days A Year
  • FREE Wi-Fi
  • 20lb, 40lb, 55lb, 65lb Washers
  • 45lb, 75lb Dryers
  • Folding Tables
  • 4 Flat Screen TV's
  • Soap and Snack Vending
  • Change Machine
  • ATM
  • Accept Credit Cards And Quarters
  • Loyalty Cards
  • FREE Hangers
  • FREE Pick Up & Delivery Service Availalbe

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Our Magna Laundromat is located on 7241 W and 3500 S, in the same parking lot as Reams and next to Auto Zone. As the Magna laundry is just across the parking lot from Village Car Wash, it makes it very convenient to start a load of laundry then get your car washed while our express-wash machines clean your clothes. As with all of the Village Coin Laundry locations, our Magna location features the best equipment in a clean and safe environment. Enjoy the best self-serve laundry experience and many conveniences that will make it feel like you are doing laundry at home. Our Magna laundromat location has convenient parking and plenty of machines for everyone, so you can quickly and easily take care of all your laundry. This location also has washers and dryers that range in size from 20lbs. – 60lbs, allowing you the option to choose which size you would like for the smallest or largest loads of laundry.

If you are looking for a credit card laundromat in Magna, Village Coin Laundry is for you! Our washers and dryers accept credit cards, debit cards, and quarters. Our Magna laundry location also features loyalty cards so we can reward our frequent customers. There are several large folding tables and FREE hangers for you to use at your convenience. Village Coin Laundry Magna also has soap vending, snack and soda vending, and change machines- making this location the most convenient laundromat in Magna.

If you are looking for the newest, cleanest, and largest laundromat in Magna-Village Coin Laundry is for you!


Village Coin Laundry - Magna
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They basically always have open washers and dryers so your never having to wait around.
Very clean and machines work well. Also each time we have been there we see an attendant cleaning.
Clean and machines and air conditioning work well.
This place is awesome for coin Laundry! Super clean and cheap! The lady working was hard working the whole time I was there! Very clean!!! You should wash there!
This is a pretty clean place and staff is always cleaning. It gets pretty packed sometimes, but there’s nothing I can complain about. Our washer is being fixed so we have to come here for the next week or two. But if I go early I beat the crowds. And it isn’t jam packed, but at Max maybe 70% of the units were being used at once.
Very clean place, and the machines all work
So incredibly impressed with the cleanliness of not only the laundromat, but ladies lavatory as well. Excellent hours of operation. The XL washing machine was clean andxready for use. Keep up the great work!
Clean and reasonable prices
Clean, well maintained equipment. The only place I go to wash
Best laundromat I have been to.
The location is convenient and easy to find. The parking lot and grounds are clean and well maintained. The employees are quiet and do there jobs without bothering you while doing your laundry. All the washers and dryers work like they say and clean and dry my clothes without issues. The reason for my 3 star review is because it is kinda expensive to do your laundry, the cost saving laundry cards are hard to obtain and when you do have a issue the only way of expressing your issue is by writing the problem on a paper and leaving it in the suggestion box.
Good spot clean
5 stars because the prices are low, the place is clean and smells good. they have clean restrooms, candy and soda machine, you can buy packages of laundry soap for a buck... 5 stars. I recommend this place over any other in the area.
Workers are very friendly. Facility is kept clean. My only complaint would be sometimes dryers don’t get as hot as others. Watch for those and let workers know about it, I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help. Workers weren’t available when I was using at that time.
Always clean! And I love that they have a bank card option on their machines.
Super clean will go back for sure... could you name every time I go back to this place I see really clean and detailed I like to drive even the 20 minutes it takes me from Salt Lake City just so I could come to a clean laundry but I have noticed there's a lot of people that treat the lady that cleans their what disrespect like if she's a maid like she has to serve them hand in mouth. It couple weeks ago I watched a lady mistreating her she was cleaning the drinking fountain where this lady had dumped coffee she put her through a lot I could see the lady couldn't take it she was crying and all she did was tell the lady to leave her alone the lady said she would give this place a bad review and I say go and read through the reviews I see she did well let me tell you about this place it's the cleanest place I have seen in a long time I move around from state-to-state when I drive and all I see what this lady every time I come around and she is nothing but Pleasant. She is always helping somebody and trying to make their day. Anyways this place is always clean the machines work and they're cheaper than other places I've been to big machines fast drying time and always a smiling face when I walk in thank you for making this Place feel at home
I drive the 10 minutes to this laundry mat cause it's way better than the one a few blocks from my house. It's always kept clean and nothing is ever out of order. They have a TV with an accessable remote to keep yourself entertained while you wait for your laundry, and it's so much cheaper than places I've been to considering how much nicer it is than other places.


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