July 22, 2017

Finding ways to embrace technology is crucial for Village Cleaners. We work hard to make it easier for our customers to use the services we offer. With the development of our new website and mobile app, we hope to make the customer experience even better. With our new website and app, you know have access to manage your profile at your convenience. This means that you can change your cleaning preferences, add special cleaning instructions, or even update your credit card by scanning it with your camera. We have added convenient coupon functionality that eliminates the hassle for you to print coupons, but rather gives you the ability to redeem them with the touch of a button. Both the website and mobile app allow you to schedule pick up and delivery quickly and easily, as well as the ability to notify our Customer Service Rep’s that you are on your way in to the store and for them to have your order ready, waiting for your arrival. It doesn’t end there, you can track your order status and even earn free cleaning by sharing your unique referral code with those who you would recommend Village Cleaners to. Both the website and the app are tailored to give you all the benefits of Village PLUS. We hope you enjoy the new look, functionality, and convenience of our new website and mobile app.



April 20, 2023


April 24, 2020

Village Cleaners COVID-19 Update

March 9, 2020

Garment Storage Tips



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