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136 E 900 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

TEL: 801-272-5666 ext. 2
EMAIL: info@villagecleaners.com

Everyday 7 A.M. - 9 P.M.


  • Open 365 Days A Year
  • FREE Wi-Fi
  • 20lb, 450lb, 55lb Washers
  • 45lb, 75lb Dryers
  • Folding Tables
  • Soap and Snack Vending
  • Change Machine
  • Accept Credit Cards and Quarters
  • FREE Hangers
  • FREE Pick Up & Delivery Service Available

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Our Salt Lake City laundromat is located on 136 E 900 S. This location is very convenient as it is accessible from 1-15 using the 900 South exit, or by using State Street. Village Coin Laundry Salt Lake City is the newest and largest laundromat in Salt Lake City. As with all Village Coin Laundry locations, this location features new equipment in a clean and safe environment. Enjoy the best self-serve laundry experience and many conveniences that will make if feel like you are doing laundry at home. Our Salt Lake City laundromat location has convenient parking and plenty of machines for everyone, so you can quickly and easily take care of all your laundry at once. This location has washers and dryers that range in size from 20lbs. – 75 lbs., allowing you the option to choose which size you would like for the smallest or largest loads of laundry.

If you are looking for a credit card laundromat, our Salt Lake City coin laundry is for you! The washers and dryers accept credit cards, debit cards, and quarters. There are several folding tables and FREE hangers for you to use at your convenience. Village Coin Laundry Salt Lake City also has soap vending, snack and soda vending, and change machines- making this location the most convenient laundromat in Salt Lake City.

If you are looking for the newest, cleanest, and largest laundromat- our Salt Lake City Coin Laundry location is for you!


Village Coin Laundry - Salt Lake City
Based on 169 reviews
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Love how clean and quiet it is and love the security guard when I'm in their after closing he helps me get my stuff folded and is very nice thanks so much
Employees were hard to find, and it was difficult to figure out how the credit cards worked with the dryers (I never quite figured it out, so I just had to pay .25 cents at a time to run the dryer 6 mins at a time).Good things: Clean, I like that they take credit cards on washer and dryer.Washer was a little pricey ($7/load), dryer was really reasonable and had really huge barrel sizes (.25 cents for 6 mins).Lots of unsolicited comments and conversations from employees and men in the laundromat, but I guess I expect that at most places like this when I am a woman going alone. Also, the A/C was broken inside, and it was a 100+ degree day — eek.
This place is close to where we live, they keep it clean, there's a restroom available and the price on the machine is pretty decent. I like that it also takes debit cards on both washers and dryers
Been campy for the last 5 days and needed clean clothes as we passed through SLC . Came in here to wash my clothes. As others have said the the lady that does the cleaning is awesome. She has this place very clean. The machines are clean and all were in working order.
They have new machines that allow you to pay with credit cards. Appreciated the clean facilities too.
For a laundromat, its clean and well kept. Even the occasional homeless person that enjoys the many TVs or empty seats is well behaved. The machines are roughly triple load washers for $2.75 with about $1.00 for 20 minutes of drying. (Enough time on high to dry even those pesky cotton towels.) I would improve the restroom's cleanliness due to its condition on several occasions as well as adding a radio/music option to one section too. There are always plenty of girls there to chat with. It is near a college if I had to guess. Masks not required! :)
Me and my sister stoped here to do our laundry before returning home out of state and this is a nice clean laundry mat. I hope the hispanic older lady that is cleaning gets paid good money. She does a great job cleaning, we’re talking moving chairs and washing baseboards, and so friendly. I have never seen anyone clean as much has she has done in the time we have been waiting on our clothes. ?
I like the new machines and the price is a bit more but I dont mind paying for good equipment. Everything was great until I checked my bank account and found a $15 charge. I used 2 washers at $2.75 a load =$5.50 I had the 2 loads in a large dryer and tried paying with my card again and got 3 separate declined alerts. So feeling put out I walked across the street got cash at Chevron and finished my laundry with quarters. I'm hoping the company or machines place a hold on a certain amount when you use them. Because Including that $15 charge I got $20 from atm + $2.50 fee + fee from my bank. When I got home I had $11 in cash and quarters. So if I'm right I spent$29 on 3 loads of laundry. My laundry looks and smells great. I hope the owner gets the refund paper I put in the complaint box and call or refund me $9. The place is nice and clean and new machines are a plus.I thought I would update my review. The management or owner must have seen my review or the letter in the complaint box because I did get money put back on my debit card. It was nice it was done before I had to call and inquire about it. I will definitely go back regularly because of the quality machines and the way my issue or complaint was handled. Thank you to whom ever owns or is in charge.
Sometimes crazy looking transients come by this place to get warm or charge cellphones butt are usually kicked out and or leave shortly
Good little laundromat. Just watch your laundry like a hawk. Not in the best part of town.
Really good washers, and dryers.Although we did have an altercation with the owner being rude to my husband.But seriously a good spot for in and out wash.
Great machines! They even have the super big ones for giant comforters. The staff are friendly, very clean place too.
Great process and many new nice huge machines. I could fit 3 queen faux-down medium-weight comforters in one of their new large ones, with room for another possibly.Never very busy either so you have your choice of machines.Tip to owner: Would help if there was a diagram showing where to wash/dry particular size loads, so you don't have to wander around forever looking at machines or reading small signs. Maybe a quick Getting Started directions on there too.. for someone who's never done a laundry mat, might be tiny bit confusing.ALSO, Get BETTER (LIQUID) detergent. The dispenser is always out of liquid detergents (normal brands like tide).And some sort of locking/code system would set u above the many other Coin Ops, so you don't have to hang out the whole time; especially since there r sooo many machines that r always open.
Very clean and well kept. They have machines that take quarters and credit cards. They have a change machine and detergent dispenser. There is an area to fold also. It took a little over an hour to do my laundry. There are two TV's but bring something to read.
Kept immaculate. Great neighborhood laundromat.


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