May 13, 2019

So, you just got married. You probably have a million things on your plate. From the thank you notes to setting up your new home, the list must seem a mile long. However, you might have forgotten one crucial thing—wedding dress cleaning and preservation.

If you are like most brides, the wedding day was full of fun activities. Walking down the aisle, visiting with family and friends, running around taking pictures, and so much more. While you were busy celebrating with love-filled festivities, your wedding gown was getting put to good use.

It’s not a bad thing to put your wedding dress to work (after all that’s what you bought it for), but your dress needs proper cleaning after all the festivities.

Over time, the organic elements that fell upon your wedding dress during your big day will wreak havoc on the delicate fabric and materials of your gown. These materials include things such as dirt, natural oils, and food stains.  If you leave your dress dirty for even a few months, those areas of your dress will begin breaking down and cause your dress to turn yellow.

If you want your dress to look as good as new for generations to come, it needs a proper wedding dress cleaning and preservation service.

Here’s how Village Cleaners will keep your wedding gown looking like the day you bought it after the wedding day.


The Wedding Gown Preservation Process

Many brides understand that they need professional help getting their wedding dress cleaned, however many don’t know that there is a preservation service that will keep it clean for decades. This process is known as the Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation Process.

At Village Cleaners, we have been skillfully and carefully cleaning and preserving wedding dresses for decades.  We know that no two dresses are alike and our specialists carefully examine your gown to determine the best method of cleaning.  Our gentle cleaning solvents protect delicate trims, beads, and lace and we carefully finish intricate details by hand.

We want to help you keep your wedding gown as beautiful as it was the moment you first put it on.  To protect and preserve your dress for future generations, we offer preservation in our museum quality, acid-free gown preservation boxes.  In addition to preservation, these special keepsake boxes allow for an easy and safe storage solution and can also be used to store christening, blessing or baptism dresses.

To learn more about our wedding gown services contact Village Cleaners. We will help you find the proper laundry service to keep your dress looking as beautiful as it did on your wedding day. Get in touch with our dry cleaning and laundry service experts today.


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